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GemsDee is a well-known wholesale B2B marketplace in Thailand that links prestigious buyers of gems and jewellery with reliable vendors from around the globe. With the aim of assisting consumers and company owners in simply accessing the global markets, our platform promotes independent sellers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs to interact with like-minded audiences who enjoy anything ranging from gemstone accessories to diamonds.

We transform your concepts into feasible and effective answers.

GemsDee provides a huge selection of fine silver and gem jewellery to our consumers. The business has been offering customers superb and distinctive jewellery that suits their wide-ranging tastes for a number of years. An excellent substitute for precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds is a semi-precious gemstone. From rich blues and greens to vivacious pinks and oranges, all are available. Amethyst, topaz, citrine, peridot, and peridot are a few of the well-known semi-precious stones.

Semi-precious gemstones are sourced by GemsDee from some of the greatest mines and suppliers in the world. At GemsDee, you may find fine semi-precious gemstones, gems, and silver jewellery.



Getting Unease with your Accounts ? Try CountDee Today.

CountDee, is an cloud based accounting software designed to make your accounts easy. It has main features like;

  • Data Inventory and manage your stock
  • Add and manage your Purchase 
  • Add and manage your sales
  • Lot Transfers
  • Ledger/Memo
  • Cash In/Out
  • Barcode Scan and print
  • Multiple Reports

CountDee can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. 

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We transform your concepts into feasible and effective answers.

Accounting software can assist individuals and businesses in making better financial decisions. Financial data can be accessed in real-time to identify trends, monitor expenses, and analyze cash flow. Making informed decisions about investments, business expansion, and other financial matters is possible with this information.

An organization can also benefit from CountDee, accounting software by improving communication between departments and stakeholders. Accounting software can reduce the risk of miscommunication or errors by providing a central platform for financial information.


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